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ARD Holdings S.A.

ARD Holdings S.A. is the ultimate principal shareholder of Ardagh Group S.A. (“Ardagh,” and together with its subsidiaries, the “Ardagh Group”). Ardagh Group is a leading supplier of sustainable, innovative, value-added rigid packaging solutions. Ardagh Group’s products include metal beverage cans and glass containers primarily for beverage and food markets. Ardagh is the majority shareholder of Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A., a New York Stock Exchange–listed, leading global supplier of infinitely recyclable, sustainable, metal beverage cans and ends to brand owners. In addition, Ardagh also holds an approximately 42% stake in Trivium Packaging B.V., a leading supplier of metal packaging in the form of cans and aerosol containers, serving a broad range of end-use categories, principally including food,

seafood, pet food and nutrition, as well as beauty and personal care.

All of the business of ARD Holdings S.A. and its controlled subsidiaries (the “Group”) is conducted by Ardagh Group, and all of the financing of the Group, other than the 7.500% / 7.250% Senior Secured Toggle Notes due 2027 and the 5.000% / 5.750% Senior Secured Toggle Notes due 2027 issued by ARD Finance S.A. (together, the “Toggle Notes”), are liabilities of Ardagh Group.

Listed below are links to the annual and quarterly reports of ARD Finance S.A., a wholly-owned subsidiary of ARD Holdings S.A. as issuer of the Toggle Notes.

ARD Finance S. A.

Quarterly and Annual Reports