ARD Holdings S.A.

ARD Holdings S.A. is the ultimate principal shareholder of Ardagh Group S.A. ("Ardagh", together with its subsidiaries, the “Ardagh Group”).

All of the business of the group of companies controlled by ARD Holdings S.A. (the "Group") is conducted by the Ardagh Group and all of the financing of the Group, other than the Senior Secured Toggle Notes issued by ARD Finance S.A., are liabilities of the Ardagh Group.

The SEC filings and Quarterly and Annual reports referred to in these pages are those of ARD Finance S.A. as the issuer of the Senior Secured Toggle Notes.

On 15 March 2017, the Class A common shares of Ardagh were listed and commenced trading on the New York Stock Exchange. As a result of the listing of the shares in Ardagh, ARD Holdings S.A. operates merely as a holding company.